Menopause is a time of intense change in a woman's life, and it's one that every woman should be spiritually prepared to meet with grace and calm”, seriously?! That was obviously written by a bloke.

Slowly, but surely, open discussion about what really happens to many women around the menopause is increasing. Some women drift through almost oblivious to it all, but for many women the story is rather different.

A woman is diagnosed as being menopausal when she stops having periods because her ovaries have no eggs left. The average age of menopause in the UK is 52 years but 1% of women have the menopause before 40 (premature ovarian failure), and symptoms relating to the menopause (the perimenopause) can start up to 10 years before periods eventually stop. Symptoms can also last up to 15 years after the last period, but for the majority of women, the process takes approximately 2 years.

Nowadays almost half of your life may be as a post menopausal woman, and learning to adjust to the loss of your fertility, coping with the myriad of potentially incapacitating and life changing symptoms, and dealing with, or preventing the longer term consequences, is a right of passage in itself. Think puberty in reverse!

It often comes at a time when long term relationships can be rocky, or ended in divorce, any children may be flying the nest, other major medical issues arise, and older family members are ill or dying.

It’s enough to make any reasonable person run for the hills!

We want to give you a lifestyle plan (yes it is all about maintenance with a view to prevention) that can include diet, exercise, weight loss, hormone treatment (I always prefer bio-identical hormones..some of which you can get on the NHS), psychological support, aesthetic treatments if you like, and most of all, a sense of self again.